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Web Development

Keys to a Good Website



Explain your business and products using simple terms, in the quickest way possible.

Simple is Better

 Google, Facebook, Craigslist, even Microsoft. All have very basic, minimalist designs.

Modern UX Design

Your web site should have a fresh design, your 15 year old myspace site will no longer work for you.

Update Frequently

Appropriately timed reviews and updates are a necessity. Outdated content is the death of a web page. 

We provide just what you need.

In our opinion, a company should “brand your image” by giving quality service and products to your clients and customers.  No amount of expensive graphics and fancy (confusing) web layout is going to replace good old fashion personal quality service!

Most businesses do not need the services of Professional Marketing Design Companies.  The cost is very high for a questionable return.  Did you hire an Interior Decorator for your office?  While some Companies need the advanced services of a Marketing Design Company, most companies are just as well served by a less costly option.  We do not do marketing or branding.  We can create a professional web design at a reasonable cost. 

Please give us a call and we will give you our honest opinion.  If we cannot help you, there is no cost for asking.  if you are considering a high end marketing company scoll down; we have a few tips that may help you out.

Scrooge McDuck

You can become too frugal. There is something to the saying, "Spend Money to Make Money".
  • Slum Lord
  • Dollar Store Furniture

  • Uncle Bob’s Pacer
  • Crack Den Hotel

We specialise in being “Just Right”. We will deliver an attractive functional design at a fair price.  We keep clear of the “fancy dancy” expensive fluff.  We concentrate on a professional reasonably priced design that will get the information to your customers in the fasted way possible. 

We did not take a couple online classes and call ourselves designers!  We have been developing web sites, installing, developing, repairing technology from the very first personal computer to modern high capacity servers. 

We can make sure your web site is ready for any technology expansion needed down the road.  

Our tips for working with marketing designers …

 We are not the developers for everyone.  In some cases you may benefit from a High End Marketing and Design firm to create a new and unique look.  They call this “Branding”.    Maybe you just feel a great need to burn through several thousand dollars for a new web site!  (if that is the case, please tell us! We would happily accept a larger fee) 

We have a few “free” tips you may want to keep in mind if you talk to a Marketing company.

Remember the original “Introductory Offer”?

We have all seen signs around town. Web Site – $500.  It is tempting and the price sure beats the average $10,000 to $20,000 a marketing firm will charge.  

We have all been there and should know the problems with flat fee services.

  1. Maybe you do not need $500 worth of work, so now you are over paying!
  2. Flat fees motivate the least amount of effort possible and move to the next project.
  3. You could be getting a beginner trying to build a portfolio. Do you want to risk your business on an inexperienced designer.
  4. The “flat” fee is the “hook”, there will be extra services and fees.   

Make sure you are the owner of your domain name

Your domain name is your identity on the web. It is the most valuable online asset you have. It is vital that you are the person who is listed as the owner.  

In many cases the web developer will purchase the domain name as part of the deal but they retain ownership and essentially “rent” it to you.   

If you ever have a falling-out with the developer you may have an ugly legal fight to obtain ownership of the domain name you thought you owned.

It is easy to see if you actually own your domain name. Simply go to  enter your domain name and make sure you are listed as the owner.    

Own your hosting  account!

Never allow the designer to host your site.

Your website must exist on a web server somewhere.  The most cost-efficient practice is to host the site on a professional service.  
One very common practice is for the web developer to “resell” hosting services.   This is good for them bad for you.  

Just like your domain name, if you do not have 100% ownership of the hosting account, it is going to be difficult to switch to a new developer.

Have all of your passwords and verify they work.

Time and time and time again, we are asked to step in and help a company who has none of their own vital passwords.  The previous IT support or Web Designer is no longer available and now …

You should not attempt to change anything that you do not fully understand. Especially your domain name account, but you need to make sure you can log in and have full access to your services.  


Working with Marketing Design Services

Design Marketing Firms have their place, they certainly will tell you they are vital!  They are going to throw a bunch of popular fad words your way, Image Branding, SEO, Unique, etc. etc…   Translation: We are going to attempt to make a new “look” for your business  and it’s going to cost $$$$$.

Design and Marketing firms have turned many a failing or marginal company around.   Will they do the same for you?  Of course they will “say” they can. But results vary.  

I suggest the Marketing company “put their money where their mouth is”.   If they claim that re-branding willl increase your business by xx%,  then … ask them for a guarantee.  If you see the increases they claim, then they get 100% of the fee.  If you get a 10% increase,  then they get 10%, etc.  If you get zero or negative results…..