Advertising For and Hiring Employees


The Problem

How many hours are spent looking at resumes and job applications. Every one is written differently,  Some have job history on top, some on bottom, etc.  Maybe your company uses preprinted job applications.  Now you have a stack of paper filled out by hand.  Most written as illegibly as I do.  There is a stream of hopeful people coming in, dropping off the applications, asking questions, and interupting productive work hours.

 Perhaps you have considered or already posted an online job advertisement on craigslist or monster?  This will take you to a new level of hiring hell.  Your inbox will fill up with hundreds of emails.  Most of will be spam or people who do not really want a job.

There is a solution and it’s free; Its called Google Forms.
(yes really)

This is a quick and easy solution. This is a great thing to do if you only need to hire one person at a time and very infrequently.  The major benifit is this will “weed-out”  those people who are not really interested in working.  It is easy for people to reply to an online posting, but accurately filling out an online application… “that takes WORK… “!!   

If you do a lot of hiring we recommend the custom solution we can write for you.  It has many features that make hiring much easier.  

Google Forms

Google Forms is Free, Easy to Setup and Use.  The results can be displayed in a spreadsheet format, making is easy to compare applications at a glance.



  • Open a new google account. (never use your main email for applications.)
  • Go to Google Drive
  • make a new document, select forms
  • Pick the jobs template
  • Edit the Form
  • Publish the Form
  • View the Result

Make a New Form Document

Select the Jobs Template

Edit the Form

Change the form Settins

Publish the form

View the results when the come in.