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Providing not only a working product, but a product that does what you need it to do.


We strive to be as objective as possible to find the best solutions for your needs.


A penny saved…
We are as careful with your resources as we are with our own.


What you give comes back to you; this is the spirit we work in.
(OK, we made that word up!)

We are a Husband and Wife team with over 50 years of total experience. Cooper loves the programming side of things, whether building from the ground up or improving upon existing applications. Kelly enjoys working on the User Interface, Data Validation, and Quality Control. Together we balance each other and make a great team.

We are firm believers in the idea of Karma. We believe that if you treat others fairly and honestly you will prosper in the long run.  With this in mind, we strive to find the best value for our clients even if it’s not the highest profit for us. Plus we just feel better when we

A custom Application to efficiently manage your business

Knowledge is success. The best way to maintain knowledge is in a database. In the past, small and medium sized companies have been unable to take full advantage of this invaluable tool because operating an internal database server was cost prohibitive. This problem is a thing of the past; even small companies can afford a custom operations database.

Professional Web Design, Affordable Price, No Fluff! 

They say … $$$!

Most marketing and web design companies claim that visually unique, complicated, expensive design is required to “brand your image”.

We say, “sh*t”!!” 

We believe a basic (frugal) and professional web site is just as effective as anything a high-priced marketing design company can offer. It seems to work for Google!


Process Streamlining  ♦  Office Efficiency  ♦  Staff Training

How much time is being wasted because of outdated technology and processes? Does any technology exist that can improve your business?

Every day brings new products and technology tools. Do you have the time or the interest to keep current? This is what we do, so let us do it for you.

“It was good enough
for grandma …
It’s good enough for me!”

IT Support Priced for Small to Medium Businesses

Small to medium business are in a tough spot when it comes to effectively managing technology.  They require the same skills as a large enterprise. Network consultants focus on the larger businesses and do not have a “small” business rate.

We focus on and offer reasonable rates for small to medium clients.

We are not afraid to suggest non-industry standard solutions designed for the small business budget.

LAN and WAN design and installation.

Building-Integrated Wireless Networks

Server installation, maintenance, and repair

Workstation, notebook setup and repair.

High-Quality, Low-Priced Surveillance Systems

Our newest offering is installing Ubiquity UniFi Security Systems. Ubiquity has a some of the best priced and highest quality security cameras on the market.

No monthly charges, no annual upgrade fees. Just a one-time purchase and the system will work for years.

The DVR (digital video recorder) system can be installed on almost any computer system free of charge, or you can purchase a preconfigured system for a reasonable price.

The test system on the right I installed in less than 2 hours. The camera cost $125, the cable was about $20. I used the existing network infrastructure and installed the recorder on a workstation. Additional cameras can be added to the system as needed.

Our Team

Kelly is the owner and manages quality control and telling everyone what to do.

Kelly Waters

Owner, WatersWebWorks

We didn’t do it … It’s not our fault … We are very sorry, about the thing we did not do!

T'lawky Pawky

Public Relations

We may have a small technical issue with the company hot tub.

Firkin Dog

Chief Troubleshooter

Cooper is in charge of All Things Computer and anything involving spiders.

Cooper Collier

Co-Owner, WatersWebWorks

Who can refuse a face like this.  Let’s meet over a nice bowl of kibble.


Sales and Marketing

OK everyone, BREAK time!


Morale Officer

To get in touch with us you can send an email to or call 253-405-4072.

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